Greenhouse Paper Goods

Greenhouse Paper Goods


Say hello to Greenhouse Paper Goods.

They are a thoughtful greeting card company with a mission to encourage others one card at a time.

As a locally owned and independent paper goods company, they aim to serve their community and abroad with quality greeting cards to spread positive identity, wholeness and encouragement.

Greenhouse Creative Paper Goods was founded by Kim and Angelique, two girls with different skill- sets, both with a heart to change their worlds with meaningful words of love. They don’t want to do it alone, so they decided to invite everyone to join their mission.



Greenhouse Paper Goods had a spontaneous start. To make a short story short, Angelique casually asked Kim if she would like to start a greeting card company while at the farmers market one day.

The enthusiasm to start a new venture was mutual, so they began building a website and designing cards two weeks later!

From that moment on, things fell into place: catching the vision and mission, brand style, and collaboration. The brand launched in October 2020, an unlikely time to take a risk, but it has been well worth the jump into the unknown. 

Where you can find their cards: Lubbock, TX

What they make: Thoughtful greeting cards with their own original designs by Kim and Angelique. 

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