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As seen in ELLE Magazine. Sep/Oct/Nov. Issues. 2018

Well Hello! Its me, Britney, the owner of Flying Cow. This is me and why I started Flying Cow in the first place. I struggled with horrible cystic acne and you can see how tallow has saved my skin. This pic shows a year and a half difference with tallow. My faves: Peppermint tallow, and anything with frankincense!

Client applied our citrus tallow daily 2-3 times for 3 weeks and noticed a major smoothing and moisturizing of her legs!

My first client- My sweet Mama! After her 5 first weeks of using tallow, she noticed a major change for the better in her skin. Improvement in texture and major smoothing out of skin in the neck area. Customer favorites : Peppermint tallow, Frankincense "Golden Tallow", and Frankincense/ Lavender.

RED, IRRITATED SKIN! Results after using our Frankincense "Golden Tallow" for only one month.

Customer applied her normal organic moisturizer on her right hand and lavender/frankincense tallow to her right hand daily for ONE month. The hand on the left (that she used the tallow on) had a great improvement in texture and coloration.

After using our tallow for 6 months, our client had a great improvement in skin texture! Customer favorites are the lavender tallow, light lavender peppermint, and citrus tallow.

Client used on her dry patches for 10 days. Applied 1-2 times a day with amazing results. Used our Coffee Balm (available in store - Brew St. Bakery), but our lavender, or frankincense tallows would be great for this as well.

SENSITIVE/DRY SKIN: Horrible, extremely dry, super sensitive skin...look at those results! This customer coupled a healthy diet with our tallows, and her skin is just glowing. Her favorites are the unscented tallows and sleepy baby balms (dash of lavender added) for her extremely sensitive face. 🙌🏻

BABY! Our tallows are so gentle, we even have a couple baby balms. You can use these as a general moisturizer, baby bumps, cradle cap, dry patches, instead of traditional diaper cream, bug bites, rashes, burns, and more! Baby balm and Sleepy Baby balms (dash of lavender) are in the shop.

Our client suffered from oil overproduction and needed something to clarify her skin. After using our tallows for several months she noticed a balance in oil production, improvement in skin texture, and a nice glow appearance. Customer favorite: Light lavender Peppermint, Blemish Balm.

Clients results after having a mole removed and applying our citrus tallow for only a couple days!

Our 16-year old client (and cousin!) struggled with hormonal and oily skin. After 3 months of use, oil production has balanced out and skin was glowing. He used our Blemish Balm.

Client had a rash/reaction to a bandaid on her face. After using tallow for 3 days! Customer used our citrus tallow.

Customer favorite: Blemish Balm

Client used our tallow for FOUR days and noticed an improvement in texture and razor burn.

Me and my grandma. Never misses a market! (as long as its not below 40 degrees ha!)

Did you know we have super soft Ts in the shop?

Britney, the founder of Flying Cow, and her 82-year-old market buddy.

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