At Flying Cow, we love art and feature an aritst from time to time. We love promoting local artists and inspiring others to create. Check out this short interview below from local artist Jacqueline Davison. 

Our local #midlandtx artist this week is the amazing✨ @jacquelinemdavison ✨!!!! We met several weeks ago on an adventure to enjoy some @farwestcoffee. She’s an amazing photographer and illustrator. Her calligraphy skills are MARVELOUS !!! 

🎨What inspired you to begin creating/being an artist? “I’ve always loved art but I wasn’t very good at it for a long time. I practiced and practiced modern calligraphy until I got better at it!” 🎨What is your favorite subject matter/medium? “I love to turn on worship and write out what God puts on my heart. “ 🎨When did you start? “I started practicing this (calligraphy) around 3 years ago.” 🎨Favorite project you have done? “My favorite project would have to be a collaboration with a friend that re-does furniture & sells it. She had the idea to write scripture on every drawer that pulls out so she had me write it and it came out really awesome!” 🎨A creative project/type of art you would love to do or increase your skills in? “I want to eventually start writing out prints and selling them for home decor, as well as getting my stuff printed onto coffee cups, etc.” 🎨Who is your favorite artist/photog and why? “Jenessa Wait as a calligrapher/artist- but for photographers, my friend Erica sledge- she taught me most of what I know when it comes to photography.”