The sun hadn't come up yet.

Like so many other mothers, I had set my alarm to wake before the little ones to read and enjoy some coffee. A sure-fire way to increase my patience level by about 500%. (Patience level otherwise being 0%...anyone else take 2 hours to truly wake up?!)

I smiled to stretch my face as usual to see if it was still covered in painful cystic acne.


Hope was deferred once again when I felt the pain all over.

Another failure. Another product that didn't work. Another tip that failed. I cried. I always had 1 or 2 blemishes on my chin, but never like this. It was only getting worse. Was it going to be like this forever?

I was only 28. I didn't want to care as much as I did how my face looked, but I did...and I didn't feel beautiful.  

What the dermatologist recommended did nothing. What the lady at the fancy spa recommended did nothing. I even tried the infomercial acne kits. They seemed to reduce some inflammation temporarily, but then after a month or two my skin would be right back where I started.

Horrible, deep, painful cystic acne all over. 

Failure after failure, I kept trying new things...and I am so glad that I did.

At my wits end, I tried tallow. The cost was less than other things I had tried. What did I have to lose?

After a couple days, I remember my acne NOT getting worse, so, I continued using it.

One day, I realized I had less and less acne, and my skin felt so good. After a couple of months, my face felt and looked amazing.

To save a little cash, I decided to try out my own recipe. I played with it and figured out the perfect whipped tallow recipe.  Six months or so later, I got pregnant with my 5th baby and was so nervous about my skin. I waited expectantly for my usual acne to return when my hormones when bananas and stress was high...or, my worst fear, the CYSTIC acne to return again.

 I had acne since a young teen, but it seemed to be getting worse and worse over time (even with great exercise and healthy diet and "doing all the things"). I went through the pregnancy...WHAT?!...NO acne. 

Now, 1 YEAR post-baby (and lots of stress that usually makes my skin break out like crazy) and still my skin still looks great! It’s not perfect but I LOVE my skin.  I know my skin loves tallow, and I can see the difference so much when I look back at pictures from even a year ago. 

For the first time in my life, people have even complemented me on my skin! 

HOW did Flying Cow start and WHY was it started?

After encouragement from friends and family, I took a chance with $50 and an Etsy shop and got started. The sales started slow, but after a while word started spreading...and it wasn't long before me and my husband were staying up late several nights making tallow to keep up.

Now, the WHY... 

So, here are the two main strings that pull at the heart of Flying Cow:

The first reason is the desire to really help people. I know, It sounds all mushy gushy, but it is true! I can't stand knowing something that will help others and not being able to get the word out. This has been an amazing way to change and help people (and BABIES, lets help ALL the baby eczema please ASAP!).

 The second reason is my children. I know they will have dreams. They will have big dreams. They already do. I don't want finances to hold them back from anything they set out their heart to do. I want to leave a heritage for them, and Flying Cow is doing just that.

I want to set an example for them. For them to come along side me ...  to see me living out a tiny dream, to see the pain and the joy in it.

I want them to know that against the odds, even if people think your cray cray...if you don't give up... if you try one more time, all that hard work, countless nights with way too little sleep and the days with way too much all does pay off. 

Your goals can be reached, and you will be sharpened and molded into something beautiful along the way.