Good Words

Good Words

Words. Good words. Positive words. I need them. I need to see them. I need to hear them.

I have learned different ways to take care of myself at home over the past 13 years as a mom and wife. Sometimes nothing “wakes up my soul” like good words. They inspire me. They stretch my mind and imagination.

Books. Magazines. Poetry. Fiction. Non-Fiction.

Different things have worked for me in different seasons.

If you have trouble sitting down and being still like me...

Music. Podcasts. Audiobooks.

There are so many negative words throughout the day in the news. Teaching your kids all day or working all day can be draining.

Sometimes all I need Is some beautifully written words to inspire me and give me hope.

Your kids need good words too! The easiest way I have been able to give them that is through playing music throughout the day and Audio Books (We love

We can listen to an Audio book while we eat breakfast or lunch. We have saved old phones and iPads in the past and downloaded Audible from Amazon and they get to pick their own book to listen to and do something quietly each afternoon in separate rooms.

Sometimes we draw/paint while we listen. (NOTE: Listening quietly alone for a kid can take a while to learn- so don’t expect perfection- this can take a bit to learn. My kids usually start enjoying this between 4-6 years old. Listening together is a good start depending on your kid. Be picky about your narrator- there are some bad/boring ones!)

These are also amazing for short or long car rides!

Here are some of my favorite audio books or just good reads:

Currently: Becoming Mrs. Lewis

Audio/Book Favorites: The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer, A Voice in the Wind Series (Francine Rivers), How to Pray by Pete Greig, Poldark (Series) by Winston Graham.

My Older Kid’s Faves:

Emily’s Fortune (Western- Narrated by Lee Adams)

Peter Pan (Narrated by Jim Dale)

Charlotte’s Web

Shiloh (Narrated by Peter MacNicol)

The Indian in the Cupboard

Anne of Green Gables

Younger Kids Favorites:

The Collected Stories of Winnie the Pooh

Frog and Toad Audio Collection

Grasshopper on the Road

Little Bear’s Visit

The Cat in the Hat and other Dr. Seuss Favorites

Excerpt from Instagram @Thriving.At.Home
Britney Arceneaux, a momma of 7 and founder of Flying Cow, has spent the last 14 years working, schooling, and raising kids at home alongside her husband. During the shut down of 2020, she created to talk about the beauty and frustrations of spending so much time at home alongside her husband and family. Her hope was to help others not only survive …but thrive, feel understood, and enjoy their families in uncertain times.