Our Story. 7 Babies, Cystic Acne, and a New Dream...

Our Story. 7 Babies, Cystic Acne, and a New Dream...

The Flying Cow Story
Hello. This is Joshua and Britney Arceneaux. We are the owners of Flying Cow. 
We wanted to take a moment to tell our story and to say thank you for supporting our small business dream. 
Our story is a wild one. We hope you enjoy it. 
Flying Cow was founded in 2017 by Britney Arceneaux.  After word spreading quickly and not being able to keep up with orders (about 8 months!), her husband Joshua joined in and they began working together on this new dream. 
How did it start?
After having 4 babies, Britney's cystic acne was painful and frustrating. 
After trying so many things with no success, she read about tallow and how it was used as a moisturizer. 
The science made sense. Tallow has amazing vitamin profiles, fatty acids, and is very similar to the oils our own bodies produce. It's easily absorbed and great for sensitive skin. The cost was way lower than other things she had tried...what did she have to lose?
After using it for a while, she had less acne and her skin felt so good! 
She realized she found her answer.
To save a little money, she began creating her own recipe, and ended up crafting the perfect whipped tallow right in her kitchen.
It even kept it clear though pregnancy with baby #6 and #7! 
When she had extra tallow, she would share it with friends who soon encouraged her to start selling it.
She went for it. She took $50 for supplies and opened a little Etsy business.
Her first week, she sold 3 jars. She was so excited. 
Soon, she was selling 3 jars a day...
Flying Cow quickly started to blossom by word of mouth and her husband Joshua joined in to help facilitate the overwhelming growth.  
After selling at the local farmer’s market, doing local pickups on their front porch, and running the Etsy shop for a couple years, Britney and Joshua began the process of building their first brick and mortar store in Midland, TX.
Doors opened November 2019. 
Then, in 2020 decided to open a store in Fredericksburg, TX on its historic and charming Main St. in the Texas hill country. 
What started as an act of desperation quickly blossomed into something more... a new dream of helping others struggling with minor to sever skin issues.
Making FC whipped balms at our house back in 2017 in her laundry room. 
2018- We were so excited to be featured in ELLE mag!
Britney working the local farmer's market with her 84 year old grandmother Jean in 2018
Our first Midland, TX shop opened in 2019.
Fredericksburg, TX shop opened in 2020 on their historic Main St. 
Our manager Cesar working in Fredericksburg, TX. 
Cambrie, Lachelle and John making tallow in the Midland, TX shop. 

 Thank you for reading our story. We look forward to the adventure ahead as it continues. 

We hope that it inspires you to begin your own.

Sometimes we simply have to begin.