Our Process

Our Process

When we say handcrafted - we mean start to finish!

Our process takes several days to achieve the final whipped & fluffy perfection in the jars you take home.

What we put in our products:

Fresh Ingredients.

We have searched high and low for the best ingredients and we maintain the highest standards of quality in everything we use.  We only use grass fed and finished tallow from farmers we trust. Most of our essential oils are certified organic and therapeutic grade. For the small amount of essential oils we can’t find certified organic, we try to source from farmers that still use organic practices but don’t necessarily have the certification.

How we make it: Handcrafted.

No machines here! Everything is done by hand. From cow to jar we handcraft each balm. From measuring essential oils, weighing ingredients and pouring. From cleaning and filling jars, to labeling, and writing each batch number on the back. Wrapping and packing for shipping. 

All. By. Hand. 

We love the art of slowing down and making something fresh for someone to simply enjoy or possibly be the answer for an uncomfortable skin issue.

What makes us different:

No chemicals or junk.

We love that everything we put into our products is all natural. We skip the chemicals, toxins, and preservatives so that you don’t have to worry about what’s being absorbed into your skin or your family’s. It’s so fun when our customers get to see how powerful the ingredients nature has given us can be!