Baby Moon

Baby Moon

Amanda May 11, 2020


“I use this daily, and love it! It smells amazing, and has helped prevent stretch marks along with help with the fading of existing stretch marks.”

Katie June 11, 2021


“Just got this on my birthday this week. Wished I had known about it sooner. It’s much more soothing than the oil and lotion I was using which I would still itch with. Baby Moon immediately takes care of the itch as soon as it's applied. Will be getting more if I run out before I;m due next month. It also smells so good too, which is a plus.”

Megan Sep 8, 2021


“I really like this product. First time tallow user. This was gifted to me, and I’m so glad. About to receive my second jar! Baby Moon smells great and is so moisturizing. Will definitely continue to use it postpartum.” 

Kelsi Mar 8, 2022


“ I have several of the tallows, but this one is my favorite right now!! The smell is amazing and it soothes my dry and itchy skin without being greasy.”


Baby Moon is perfect for your growing belly. This blend of nine powerful oils nourishes stretching skin and helps with elasticity, dryness/itching, and stretch marks (during and after pregnancy)...and so much more!


Made in partnership with our friends at Anthus, Midland!

Anthus is a company on a mission to provide a community that celebrates each woman in their journey of pregnancy and motherhood. It’s all about motherhood + sisterhood. They provide a beautiful place for women to gather, learn, connect, be heard and cared for at a time when women can feel disconnected and alone. Learn more about this growing community of women and how you can join on Instagram @anthusmidlandtx


Tell me about the ingredients…

Tallow + Rosehip Oil + Blue Tansy = a match made in heaven for promoting elastin (stretchy skin that bounces back) and keeping your belly hydrated.


Frankincense: may help prevent and reduce scars


Geranium: can help with skin discoloration and tightening skin


Citrus oils: itchy skin doesn't stand a chance! May help smooth skin as well

Ingredients: Grass Fed/Grass Finished Tallow, Unprocessed Coconut Oil, Organic Frankincense Carterii, Organic Blue Tansy, Organic Mandarin, Organic Geranium, Organic Lime, Organic Sweet Orange Oil and RoseHip Oil