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Love love love

I cannot say enough good things about the baby balm. Besides the obvious benefits for diaper rash and such; we have a ton of mosquitoes in our area and myself and my son both get swarmed so we slather on some balm after and they’re nearly gone in the morning. For that reason alone we will be reordering!

Laura Spann

This has done wonders for my baby’s dry skin and baby acne. It makes her so soft and it took away the dry, flaky patches in 2-3 days of using it. I love how rich it is, and how a little goes a long way. I will be buying again, and I will be gifting this to any expecting mamas in my life in the future!

Darla Smith
Clean, Effective and Amazing

Very soothing and healing. Also a wonderful preventive. We use it daily It’s great to know that this product is completely safe and natural.

Micheala K

( My phone is being dumb so I can’t tell if it gave 5 starts or not but that’s what I want!!) My daughter was in NICU and she’s allergic to like literally everything it seems like. She came home covered in blistered hives from the tape/ leads and her bottom and face and belly were SO broke out because she was allergic to dairy. Now that she’s eating solids we’ve discovered a gluten allergy as well. It makes her bottom blister so bad she scars afterwards. This tallow is the ONLY thing that works to heal her. It’s absolutely incredible! I live in Amarillo but when I forget to place an order online I will drive the 4hr round trip to get it!! Worth it!!

Terri Baize

My granddaughter and I have eczema. We both tried the baby balm. It helps take the dryness and heat out of it. We love the Baby Balm