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What is Tallow?

Find out all the amazing benefits of tallow on our “What is Tallow” page!


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. Results may vary. Customers were sent a free jar of tallow for their before/after testimony and you could be too! Don’t forget to take that “Before” picture and send in your results.

Our tallow balms are sensitive to extreme temperatures, and may change consistency in transit. In hot weather, they may soften or melt and during the winter months, tallow is often harder in the jar. Please recognize we have no control over shipment/weather conditions.

If your product is slightly melted, please place it in the fridge for a little while and gently stir it. The whipped, fluffy texture won’t be perfect, but the product will still moisturize and work effectively. If it’s almost completely liquid, email customer service for a replacement jar. 

Remember: Each tallow is handcrafted in small batches, so there might be slight differences in consistency and scent. Also, our 3 oz balms will not be filled to the top! They are 4 oz jars, filled with 3 oz tallow (by volume) so you can travel with them.

Shipping Information

We make every effort to ensure all orders are processed, packaged and shipped within 1-3 business days. Once the package is with the post office, there is a 2-6 business day estimated arrival time. These orders do NOT have a guaranteed delivery date. Shipping may exceed 6 days as USPS does not deliver on Sundays or holidays.

*Note: Holidays and busy times of the year may impact fulfillment times.

Missing or Delayed Shipments  |  Please contact us within 7 days of a missed delivery date. We will do our best to resolve any issues that arise. Please email

Customer Reviews

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Clay pots
Hubby loves it

My husband just discovered how much he loves these lotions for his face. And we both like the smell. :)

Got this for my husband and now it’s MY go to!

I’ve tried several tallows from here and this one is my current favorite!! I’ll always go back to lavender and frankincense but the woodsy and wintery scent (and the specific healing properties of each component!) has me hooked. But it’s about more than aromatherapy. Tallow is the ONLY way I’ve found to provide sufficient moisture to my skin without clogging pores or causing aggravation. I’ve been to dermatologists and tried all sorts of regimens, done years of research and careful experimentation… and tallow has done that nothing before could. I’ve exhausted myself through high end skincare, derm prescriptions, K-beauty skincare methods, crunchy mama blog tips, and endless homemade concoctions (I really have tried it all)… and while I still use the things I’ve learned, tallow has become THE BASE of my skincare. It’s fixed my skin barrier and simplified my routine - by A LOT - with better results! (Even taken the place of my makeup primer!) Everything else has become supplemental. So grateful for Flying Cow!

Man Balm

LOVE this one!!! Bought it for my husband, but stole it for myself!! It smells fantastic and it feels amazing on my face.
Will definitely buy again

Hunter Bruton
Man stuff

Works good

Busta Rhymes
Good stuff

Good product. Skin is much more hydrated and I work outside with my hands and it’s done wonders for my cracked hands.