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I gave tallows a whirl to help with a pesky skin issue (PR). Not only did this product help with my PR, I fell in LOVE with it for the rest of my bod! It’s so absolutely luxuriously hydrating. I was slathering it all over my chest/abdomen for the skin issue twice a day and my skin stayed hydrated for over 8 hours. I’ve been using it on my face, my tattoos, my elbows. I’m obsessed. The smell is so rich and buttery. So good.

Holly Reese
Clearer skin

Love this! My son has eczema and a few weeks ago also had hand foot and mouth. It was so bad due to the eczema. I was worried about scarring, but after using Flying Cow it’s completely cleared!

Camila Montemayor
Pregnancy favorite

This is my go-to for my kids during the dry months when their skin gets chapped and now that I am pregnant again I am loving it for my stretching skin. The unscented is my favorite bc honestly I feel like I smell like a newborn baby calf 🤣😍

Mackenzie Logan
A staple!

I use a lot of their products but this one stays a staple at my house!! So many different uses for it and works wonders!

Julianne Buckingham
Great product

I’ve battled eczema around my eye lids for nearly a year! Since switching to this product I’ve seen a drastic decrease in the frequency & severity of my flare ups! I will definitely continue using!