Guatemalan Artisans- Anthus

Guatemalan Artisans- Anthus

 The process of textile creation on a loom dates back to the ancient Mayans and has been passed down through many generations of Guatemalan women.


The weaver starts with a raw cotton, which they clean, dye with natural colors from plants, and spin onto thread. Each artisan adds their own personality to each beautifully embroidered cloth. 


Our bags are made custom and created on a small- batch scale, ensuring attention to detail and highest quality. We pay a premium fair wage for each piece, and work directly with a local community of independent weavers. Commissioning the weaving and looming of these new fabrics is vital to the Guatemalan people because it creates a sustainable form of income for the artisans. Thank you for helping us keep this beautiful art form alive, and for supporting the well-being of our beloved Guatemalan artisans!


Where we Sell: Lubbock, Fredericksburg. 

What they Make: Leather Goods: Leather Bags, Backpacks, Pillows, Wallets, Purses, Man Bags, Shaving Kit Bags.