Blake is a custom abstract artist & foster care advocate. He and his wife Bethany work as a team! He paints, and she is the full time art manager and mama! In his own words, Blake says “My continued pursuit of the arts is driven by my desire to see families in our community made whole.

They are specifically passionate about the children in foster care finding forever homes. Each painting that they create is inspired by the children and a portion of the proceeds supports their journey to finding a family and a home.” They have partnered with a local foster and adoption agency called 1Hope for kids and a portion of their proceeds go towards the simple goal of doing everything possible to meet the needs of orphans and the families that serve them. His hope is to create a sense of “coming home” when people engage with his artwork and be moved to join the cause to work towards home for all the children!

Instagram: @blakeadrianabstract