Lindsay Long

Lindsay Long

Lindsay Long grew up in the Pineywoods of East Texas. Her desire to be an artist was birthed early in childhood and she has pursued this passion ever since.


Her fascination with illustration and, more specifically, the human face, began with copying Disney characters from her VHS movie covers and imitating paintings out of Little Golden Books. She pursued this passion throughout high school and graduated from Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi with a BFA in painting and drawing. From there, she moved to Tyler, Texas and began a nine year career teaching art to junior high and high school students. During this time, she began to pursue commission portraiture and other freelance work. In 2012, she stepped away from teaching art to focus on raising her three children, along with pursuing her art more intentionally.


Lindsay has illustrated three published books and is currently under contract for two more. She also does photography for local businesses and restaurants, as well as some work for local websites. Her portfolio includes several murals along with some graphic design projects, but her focus of expertise remains the hand-drawn medium of graphite and white charcoal. Lindsay still teaches art lessons privately in her home and hopes to hone her watercolor and painting skills even more in the future.

This is the original piece that she created for us in 2017 when we first started the #flyingcowartistcollective. It inspired the selfie mural you see in our Fredericksburg store! 

You can follow along with her art journey on Instagram at @lindsaylongstudio or visit her website:


She also owns @solabreadco and is a partner in @paintandprose with our friend