Lizzy Fields Paints

Lizzy Fields Paints

 Lizzy Fields is an abstract artist, specializing in the art of painting, line art, and creative digital design. 

 Lizzy was born and raised in Venice Beach, Florida with six of her siblings. When she was 11, her family moved to California and then moved to Washington, D.C. at 17. 

Moving to D.C. completely immersed Lizzy in beautiful culture and art! It awoke something in her that she hadn’t felt before. 

The atmosphere in California and D.C. inspired her art, and she started to grow and try new things. Abstract had been a desire of her’s for many years, but it seemed every time she tried to create abstract paintings, she wasn’t satisfied with the end result.

One day, something just clicked. Since then, Lizzy has been successful in abstract art and continues to grow in her love of line art mixed with a touch of her own flair. 

Lizzy paints in the style of abstract, line art, illustration and many more. She hopes that her art ministers to people in their homes, offices and any other place they enjoy living their lives. Lizzy puts love and soul into each piece. Everyone has a special place in her heart.

 Want to contact Lizzy?

@ lizzyfieldpaints_

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Esty: lizzyfieldspaints

Locations we have her art: Midland, TX; Lubbock, TX.

What she makes: Original prints, cards, painting by Lizzy Fields! 

(Lizzy with her sweet little one in our Lubbock, TX shop.)