Turkish Artisans

Turkish Artisans

 Turkey is known for producing some of the highest quality cotton products in the world. Our towels, robes and scarves are hand- woven from %100 Turkish cotton or cotton-linen blend by small, family - run textile makers in Turkey.


Because these are handcrafted, these Turkish towels and blankets will last 2- 3x longer than mass produced towels. True Turkish towels should last 20-30 years.

Turkish towels can be used for a: 

  • Shawl
  • Scarf 
  • Throw
  • Blanket

Where to Buy: All Stores

What We Carry: A variety of fair-trade Turkish sourced goods from local artisans including Robes, Woven Blankets, Towels, Scarfs, and multipurpose clothes.