Cambrie Holguin

Cambrie Holguin

Meet Cambrie! She is our longtime friend & Midland store associate. Cambrie has been with Flying Cow since the OG days back at Britney’s house, packaging orders in the dining room and getting tallow all over the kitchen. 📦

Here are some fun facts about Cambrie:

🌈Her hair has been basically every color of the rainbow at some point. Currently it’s pink!

😬She only has 24 teeth. Don’t worry, you can’t tell any are missing 😆

🐀The most unusual pet she ever owned was a rat, named Cootie (that she ended up being allergic to…)

🏆Her proudest accomplishment is winning a candy bar eating contest in elementary school 🍫

🦖The first meal she cooked for her now husband, was Dyno Nuggets served on fancy plates 🍽