Cesar Parra

Cesar Parra

Cesar manages Flying Cow on Main St. in Fredericksburg, TX.

After 20 years of opening & managing several H-E-Bs (best grocery stores for those of y'all not in Texas...) he was ready for a change of pace.

When we asked him if he wanted to move to Fredericksburg & start working with us at Flying Cow - he said yes in less than a day!

Cesar is an amazing uncle to our kids, gave us an amazing niece and nephew, and is one of the most creative, hard working people I know. It is a pure joy to get to work along side family.

He brings an overwhelming amount of knowledge, wisdom and grit to our beloved shop in Texas Hill Country. We are honored to have him in our family as well as working alongside him at Flying Cow!

😎His favorite title is 'Dad'

🎣His favorite hobby is fishing; even on days he doesn't catch anything

🏈His favorite sports team is the Dallas Cowboys

🤠His favorite music is Texas Country

🎸The coolest thing he owns is a Shiner Bock Guitar his uncle custom built him and now is signed by Cody Jinks!