Larissa Bellville Feb 19, 2021


“So far, so good! Whipped to perfection and not gritty at all.”

Anna  Jun 28, 2020


“Loving this lavender balm as it has cleaned up and soothed an area or redness I have been struggling with for some time. After I cleanse my whole face with tea tree pads as I have been doing, this balm has kind of tingled and I even peeled that spot for a day or two, but now am much less irritated so I feel properly disinfected by this lavender- it has become my go-to. LOVE. Repeat customer with much gratitude 💜”

Gina Nov 5, 2020


“I love all of the tallows that I have tried from here!”


Perfect blend for aging skin with extra protection against stress. Frankincense nourishes your skin while lavender calms…not to mention a smell that will feel like you are right at the spa. 

Ingredients: Grass-Fed/Grass-Finished Organic Tallow, Unprocessed Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Lavender, Organic Frankincense Carterii