Jacquetta Feb 10, 2022


“Great product! Definitely would recommend……I have been using this for over a year. One of the best face creams I have ever used.”

Joy Lester Jun 23, 2021


“Well yet again I have purchased the BEST TALLOW CREAM in the world!!!! It surpasses literally every cream I have ever tried. And it is 100% natural with no nasty chemicals!!! I do not buy La Mer anymore due to this tallow whip. It even smoothed out my forehead lines with consistent use. Please never stop making it!!! Luscious and creamy!!! Love love love !!!!!”🤩🥰⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lena Novic Mar 23, 2021


“The texture is different from straight tallow where it is whipped, light, fluffy and dissolves well into the skin not feeling greasy but smooth and moisturized. I love it and will order it again. Thank you!”

Joy Lester Mar 4, 2021


This is my second jar of this miracle balm!!! I bought the small jar to test it out and went through it so fast I ran out and panicked!! I bought the large jar!!!! Oh my goodness!!!! I am amazed! This cream completely calmed my rosacea on one application!!! The redness went slap away!! This cream beats out anything I have ever used including la mer and other expensive face creams. I don’t even have words!!! I will never ever use anything else to moisturize my skin!!! Thanks so much for creating this perfect product!!!!” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Brenicia Feb 17, 2021


“Thanks a bunch! I love the product, it has helped with my babies skin.”

Joy Lester Feb 10, 2021


“I usually don’t write reviews unless I am blown away by the product. But Oh.my. Gosh. I am speechless. I am just that. Blown away by this product. I ordered the unscented tallow balm as I cannot handle essential oils or any type of smell. I am allergic to most everything. But wow. Just wow. The feel of the tallow cream is whipped and just so luxurious on the skin. I have tried many tallow balms and this one is simply THE BEST. The smell is organic (like tallow) but not overwhelming and dissipates quickly after applying. I am shocked at how creamy and soft it feels on the skin. Totally ordering a larger jar. Love love love it!!! Will never be without this cream!!!” ❤️

Lisandra Mathews Jan 27, 2021


On my 2nd bottle and I think I'm hooked. So far I've not had any issues with grittiness, like I have with some brands. I also need to sing the praises of tallow. I had a little irritation on my skin and this took care of it. I have some mild keratosis pilaris and I believe that tallow has virtually eliminated that.”

Lisandra Mathews Jan 5, 2021


1st time purchaser but most definitely not the last. I'm a firm believer in tallow balm and have purchased from several other shops but this is the best and the packaging and info that came with it was top notch. Grateful it comes in unscented.”

mowiss Jul 11, 2020


“LOVE this unscented whipped tallow balm! I add various essential oils to it, depending on what I feel like using. Fast shipping, love the packaging and an excellent product!”


This handcrafted balm is as simple as it gets. We add no essential oils with the most sensitive skin in mind. You may also use it as a carrier oil alongside your own collection of essential oils.


We love this balm because it shows just how powerful our tallow is on its own. It works gently yet quickly to calm down the most sensitive or irritated skin. 


Can be used on the face, on an irritated area,  or as a whole body moisturizer.

Ingredients: Grass Fed/Grass Finished Tallow and a dash of Unprocessed Coconut Oil for texture.