Light Lavender Peppermint

Light Lavender Peppermint

Gail Mar 22, 2020


“This stuff is great. I’ll be getting more of it. It’s well worth the money. You really need to get yourself some of it.”

Sharon Oct 15, 2020


“Great product!”

chinchilla86 Oct 4, 2020


 “I absolutely love this tallow! Customer for life!”

PMT Dec 22, 2020


“This was a gift for a friend that raves about this stuff - I can't wait to try it for myself, the shipping was fast!”


The perfect blend for extremely dry, sensitive skin. This tallow balm has 1/2 the amount of essential oils for a lighter scent and feel.

Essential Oil Facts

Historically peppermint and lavender have been used and known for: 

Peppermint: ▪ cleansing & clarifying

Lavender: ▪ Calms and restores skin complexion and reduces effects on stressed skin with naturally occurring antioxidants