Renee Kostman Feb 16, 2022


“Very nice item and smells wonderful.”

Jennifer Jan 13,2020


“I have purchased several jars of tallow and have loved every single one. My dry skin has been transformed by using this every night. I can’t say enough about it and the service is great”

Gail Feb 5, 2020 


“This stuff really works. I have scars from falling and a huge age spot under my left eye. Let’s just say that age spot and the scars are almost gone. I love this stuff. Will be buying more in the future.

Norma Apr 23, 2020


“If someone had told me years ago that I would be rubbing animal fat anointed with aromatic oils onto my face and body I would have pelted them with rotten tomatoes. Ok maybe nothing that drastic...but you wanna know what IS drastic? The change in my skin since I’ve been using tallow moisturizer. I never want to use anything else.”

Jaydon Colle Grimes Jul 27, 2020


“Amazing as always ❤”


The “Golden” standard of tallow balms. With three different forms of organic frankincense…This balm gets its name from the beautiful golden color of frankincense oil harvested from the bark/resin of frankincense trees. Sought after for centuries for its amazing properties, you won't have to use Golden tallow long to see where it gets its name.

Helpful for..

  • Aging gracefully
  • Red/Irritated Skin
  • Smoothing wrinkles
  • Defense against environmental stresses on the skin. 

Ingredients: Grass-Fed/Grass-Finished Organic Tallow, Unprocessed Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Frankincense Serrata, Organic Frankincense Carterii, Organic Frankincense Frereana