Rachel on Sep 1,2021 


“Love this minty balm. Very moisturizing but absorbs really well - like my skin drinks it up.”

Jennifer Feb 5, 2020


“This peppermint tallow is wonderful! It is gently on my sensitive skin, yet soothes everything from sunburs to bug bites. I never want to be without it!”

Sharon Jun 10, 2020


“Great product ❣️ Love the way it makes my skin feel:)”

Stephie Nov 18, 2020


“This is my absolute favorite skin treatment! I LOVE this shop! I never heard of Tallow until last year when I found this shop and I have been a return customer multiple times! I am TALLOW OBSESSED! This makes my skin feel very soft and it calms my skin and most importantly clears it. I have tried many products and natural is the only way to go and this is the best choice for me! Thank you for the amazing customer service and fast shipping!”

Maidstone Nov 17, 2019


“Love, love, love this peppermint tallow balm. Smells amazing, and my skin just drinks it up.”


The very first, and longtime favorite Flying Cow Tallow! Personally developed by Britney Arceneaux to combat her deep & painful blemishes. Fresh and Sweet, this is sure to help you with oily skin!

May help with:

  • Blemishes
  • Hydrating
  • Cleansing
  • Rejuvenating

Ingredients: Grass Fed/Grass Finished Tallow, Unprocessed Coconut Oil, and Organic Peppermint Oil