Sinsin Nov 4, 2019


“This is my second time buying and I love it even more. It's the best moisturizer!!”


All the benefits of our classic Flying Cow tallow balm with the added benefits of the finest French lavender essential oil we can find (organically sourced of course!). 


Lavender tallow balm is particularly good for calming red, stressed and irritated skin. 


This is a great general moisturizer to use on the face or whole body. 


Essential Oil Facts

Historically lavender has been used and known for: 

▪ Anxiety and emotional stress

▪ Focus

▪ Burns and wounds

▪ Sleep/Use at Night

▪ Restore skin complexion and reduce acne

▪ Slow aging with powerful antioxidants

▪ Aches and pains

▪ Headaches