Anna Jun 27, 2020


“Hubby loves his man balm, will be great for hand scrapes and rough parts as he does lots of wood chopping especially toward the winter in our wooded outdoors. The scent is woodsy and not overpowering. Super- responsive shop. Loving the product and the high quality service!”

Norma May 8, 2020


“Husband loves the scent and uses it willingly each night ( a small miracle).

Cori Feb 3, 2020


“My husband absolutely loves the smell, and the quality of this tallow! Thank you for the quick shipping as well!”

Stephie Sep 22, 2019


“I got this tallow for my father to use. He loves the scent and feel! It truly is an amazing product and I am so grateful to be able to share this with my dad.”


A rugged and woodsy blend for his face and body. Black spruce and sandalwood do not disappoint.

Ingredients: Grass Fed/Grass Finished Tallow, Organic Black Spruce, Organic Marjoram Oil, Organic Sandalwood Wood, Organic Bergamot Oil, and a dash of Organic Unprocessed Coconut Oil for texture.

Essential Oil Facts…

  • Black Spruce: ▪ has pain relief properties ▪ may help calm inflammation ▪ cools and soothes skin
  • Marjoram: ▪ soothing to the skin deeply cleansing to the skin and rids pores of impurities and toxins leaves your complexion refreshed
  • Sandalwood: ▪ high in antioxidants to promote anti-aging promotes mental clarity, focus and relaxation relieves itching & soothes rashes
    Bergamot: ▪ has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties ▪ may help smooth skin irritations ▪ balances and rejuvenates