Light Lavender Peppermint


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Sonya Saccenti
Love the smell

It gives a light tingling due to the peppermint that is very refreshing.

Tami Arndt
My favorite tallow.

Light Lavender Peppermint is my favorite.
Not only does it make my skin look amazing, but the peppermint always helps with my allergies.
Thank you for this fabulous product I recommend it to everyone.

Raina Neal
Love It

I have severe cystic acne, while Ive not been healed of that, I apply this balm twice a day and it calms my skin and does not cause clogging!

Erin Lowry

Light Lavender Peppermint

Light Lavender Peppermint

I love this! It smells wonderful! It’s like a ‘mini spa moment’ in my day. It does break my face out some but on the flip side it my skin is starting to have a fresh look instead of a worn out look. I think my skin may start to adapt and settle. Time will tell. I’ve also been using it on the top my hands. I can’t describe the subtle changes that are taking place; fresher looking skin. I used it on my elbows that break out with eczema. Within 2 days (2 applications) it started drying up. I also used it on a few eczema spot in my 14 year old (1 use) and the areas started clearing up. I will be buying this again and will likely keep it as part of my routine.